Distorted Field Motor

The basic composition of a distorted field motor consists of a squirrel cage rotor, stator (fixed part) and shorted copper ring or loop. Also called a shaded pole motor, this type of motor v-belt section bx can create a rotating field through changes made at its poles, which can be done in several ways, featuring three types of motors, protruding poles, the “skeleton” and distributed windings.

These motors have a unique sense of rotation because of their starting method, it is the simplest, most reliable and economical motor. However, its starting torque is quite small and also has a low power factor and efficiency and for this reason is manufactured only for small powers.

The main features are the simple, reliable and economical starting process, without capacitor or starter, low starting torque, low performance. low power factor and that they are manufactured only in small powers (maximum up to ¼ of CV). One part of each pole is surrounded by a short copper loop. The main applications are Fans, Exhaust fans, Cooling units, Clothes and hair dryers and Small pumps.