Single Phase Induction Motors – Why Use?

Taking into account its cost, the single-phase induction electric motor has a somewhat higher cost than a three-phase motor of the same power. In addition to knowing that the single-phase motor suffers mechanical wear of the platinum, the centrifugal contact required at the start of the engine, that it reaches only 60 to 70% of the power of the three-phase motor of the same size. The single-phase motor has lower efficiency and power factor and it is not possible to directly reverse the direction of rotation of single-phase motors.

Despite these inconvenient devices, we have many more advantages that justify the use of single-phase induction motors. These types of motors are the natural alternative to polyphase induction electric motors where three-phase power is not available and are often used in homes, offices, workshops and in rural areas, in applications such as water pumps, fans and drive means for small machines. They are divided into the categories of shaded pole motor, split phase motor, starter capacitor motor, permanent capacitor motor, two capacitor motor, single phase motor with two, four and six terminal and universal motor