What other types of house paints are there?

Although acrylic and latex paints are the most common, they are not the only options. See
other types of inks available.
enamel paint
This is a non-water-soluble paint option and therefore requires more careful application. It is
also a paint with a much higher resistance – and that’s why it’s mostly used for wood and
metals, as well as surfaces such as gates and windows.
You can find enamel paint in matte and glossy versions, but it is not recommended for use
directly on walls because, as it dries, it tends to create bubbles that can break off from the
epoxy paint
Epoxy paint is very versatile and can be found in solvent or water-soluble versions. However, it
is not a paint used in homes but in industry to paint tiles and metals. This is an extremely
resistant ink that can be used in high humidity areas. However, its application requires
specialized teams, ensuring a perfect finish.
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Special texture paint
If your idea is to make a different texture on the wall, pay attention. After all, today there are
already special paints for this type of finish, which dispense with the use of putty and make the
application simpler (it can even be done by non-specialized people).
Super washable
The super washable paint has a satin finish and is extremely resistant to cleaning, being the
most suitable for areas with heavy traffic of people or places with children.
They can be applied indoors or outdoors and allow cleaning of any type of stain, such as
coffee, lipstick, colored pencils and others. For this, just use a soft cloth dampened with water
and neutral soap, avoiding the application of solvent products.